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Together with our strategic partners, Nallawilli Technology has a strong passion to create equalisation of access to services across States and Territories, for First Nation and disadvantaged communities.
Utilising leading communication technology, First Nation Connecting will enable remote and socially disadvantaged communities (First Nation and non-First Nation) to connect via video, web and audio to “sit down and listen to one another” (the meaning of the word Nallawilli). To facilitate ease of access, First Nation Connecting will invest in existing infrastructure such as community health centres, education institutions and other community organisations.
Irrespective of whether you are a government organisation, a private business, or living in rural or remote areas, there will no longer be a question of marginalisation. First Nation Connecting will facilitate a central place for all members of the community, local government agencies, community organisations, and the private sector to connect via secure technology. Additionally, the technology will facilitate connections via any mobile devices from the home – PC, laptop, iPad, Android, etc.
First Nation Connecting is a collaborative approach that assists with closing the digital and social divide. The equalisation of access ensures an individual’s geographic location is not the primary inhibitor for causing a disconnection from metropolitan services, resources, employment, medical and other opportunities.

How will we achieve this?

In today’s current technological environment, we can bridge gaps in service delivery and collaboratively work together as a community across a wide range of areas such as, Telehealth, cultural education, disability services, child protection and employment opportunities.
First Nation Connect is based on a collaborative approach across the entire First Nation communities. First Nation communities and Nallawilli Technology’s Strategic partners will collectively work together to provide a digital hub for the First Nation community to connect to. Nallawilli Technology and our Strategic partners will provide the devices for rooms, the cloud connection service, and the training for how to use it.
The initial focus for First Nation Connecting will be in remote, rural or disadvantaged areas that would benefit from improved access to services such as;
  • Education to improve rates of literacy and numeracy,and school retention
  • Health services, child and adolescent services Domestic and family violence support services
  • Mental health services
  • Employment training, engagement and increasing employment outcomes