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COVID-19 - Special Offer

Recruitment Simplified - Recruitment Amplified

The Nallawilli Talent Platform enables Companies to access a comprehensive Human Capital Supply Chain for temporary, permanent, contractors and casual staff.

Of particular interest in the COVID 19 affected workplace is that the platform enables your organisation to seamlessly onboard/offboard displaced staff under its own control into partner organisations, but without losing access to the long term continuity of retaining that resource. The Platform provides short term flexibility and protects your long term interest and that is why Nallawilli is now offering 6 months zero-cost access to the service – Terms & Conditions apply

Using the platform is easy, simply build your internal database of staff, share internal resources into your COVID-19 Database allowing partner organisations to easily source talent from your books.

Nallawilli Talent Platform

Nallawilli Technology is partnering with e-Link, to implement an innovative and highly sophisticated platform which is transforming recruitment processes globally. It provides far greater connectivity and access for Employers and Employees (permanent or contractors) through access to a vast array of specialist recruiters.
The platform is more efficient, effective, timely and cost-reducing than traditional or recent technology solutions.
To join the web-based platform simply requires a brief application process and costs nothing to implement. It is entirely complimentary to all Human Resource Departments and organisational processes. The benefits and value can be achieved readily without risk – but we believe it will drive change and enormous efficiencies for any organisation when adopted. The platform will improve internal resource management processes as well as enhancing the quality of identified external candidates. We believe that the reach and access available is unsurpassed.
E-Link is an evolving global provider with an impressive client base that has developed a platform based on cutting edge, award-winning AI technology and social media analytics. This has now been optimised even further with Nallawilli for the Australian market.

Operating in 16 Countries

Utilising 800+ Specialist Recruitment Agencies

With 4,000+ Specialist Recruiters

Access to 130,000+ Pre-vetted Contractors

currently used by 120+ clients

… And growing exponentially

Off-Board – Engage – On-Board – Work – Pay – Report

All displaced staff are invited to register onto the platform by the internal Platform Administrator and to self-register for work under the Outsourced Partner Database. This database is then shared with strategic partners seeking temporary or contract staff who can search for and engage candidates for work (within the scope determined by your Company) from within the platform.

Every organisation has complete control over who can view their Outsourced Partner Database for sourcing talent and the displaced staff can self-select as to whether they want to add themselves into the work list. Staff can also choose what outsourced roles they want to consider. Staff can then complete their capabilities, qualifications and certifications, as well as their availability in their biography within the framework that is set by your Company (particularly in terms of their availability).

Partner organisations load Job Descriptions into the platform and the Artificial Intelligence within the Platform filters best-fit candidates for every role. Partner organisations can then select specific candidates and take them through their standard sourcing process for temporary staff or Contractors outside of the platform.

Subject to individual contracts of employment ( which may need some form of addendum to be created), employees can potentially remain under their existing contracts but are effectively outsourced, thus providing the current employing companies with maximum flexibility to retain staff in the long run and to maintain their flexibility about when to bring those individuals back into their permanent workforce.

Nallawilli will not charge for the setup of the service or for placement of staff under the Outsource Partner Database service through the initial 90 days for any customer that signs up to this service but will review the offer with customers at that stage to assess any extension required whilst the current COVID-19 crisis remains.

The Nallawilli Talent Platform should not be considered a replacement to other programs you are putting in place but can readily work alongside any other programs and as an alternate access point for Talent management and recruitment as well as enabling optimal management of resources and mitigating the impact of the disruptions in the workplace caused by COVID-19 on your staff.

For those wishing to manage existing but unutilised resource optimally – talk to us about how the solution could help you support and manage your displaced staff effectively and provide much greater flexibility about how to retain them in the long term.

Our contact details are on the tab above – give us a call today or send a message and we will call you back

Zero-cost access for 6 Months to build out the database to help workers get jobs..